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Word-of-mouth leads you to the happiest, healthiest mouth

Everyone loves to share new discoveries whether it’s a book, restaurant, movie, or an idea. Sharing is one of the greatest aspects of friendship. And it’s no surprise that word-of-mouth sharing has given birth to new pop stars as well as the viral popularity of You Tube videos.

One of the most beneficial things friends can help spread by word-of-mouth is their dentist. Since the happiest mouths are those that experience high quality oral care, word-of-mouth referral is traditionally the way dentists get the majority of their patients.

If you’re new to town and are looking for a reputable dentist, the first place you begin is by looking at the smiles of the people you are meeting for the first time — colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances. The best approach is to ask around first. See if there are dentists who are mentioned more than once. Then narrow down your list and get online to check patient reviews and testimonials.  Look for dentists and staff who continue to seek additional training to keep up with current and leading edge practices. Also look for a dental office that offers a meet and greet as well as a free consultation.  If you know you desire specific procedures ask to see before and after pictures and to be in contact with a current patient who has had the procedure you want.

Schedule your meet and greet to determine whether you will be comfortable with the dentist, the environment and the team. Once you’ve selected your dentist be sure to express appreciation to the person who made the recommendation. And, of course don’t hesitate to share your experiences when you meet someone in need of excellent dental care.

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