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The Cure for the Common Cold and Canker Sores, Dental Laser Treatment.

Have you ever experienced the pain of trying to talk, eat or drink with canker, cold  or denture sores in your mouth? Sometimes known as fever blisters, cold sores can take 1 – 2 weeks to heal and canker and denture sores will not disappear until the source of irritation is eliminated. Dental laser treatment is a fairly quick, painless cure for these raw and tender types of sores. Most people are not aware that dental laser treatment for these unpleasant conditions.

Cold sores are caused by viruses. It is typical to continuously develop cold sores in the same area which means that the virus is active at that particular nerve ending. Instead of contacting your family doctor for antibiotics or numbing gels, call your dentist and ask for dental laser treatment.

All of these sores can be treated with dental laser: canker sores, cold sores and denture sores. By treating the area where the sores appear 2-3 times with dental laser the sore will be prevented from coming back. One theory of how dental laser works to permanently reverse cold sore formation is that the bio-stimulation by the laser burns the virus out, thus eliminating repeat formations.

No More Freezing Treatments

If you’ve ever experienced the treatment of freezing a cold or canker sore, don’t worry. Dental laser is nothing like the painful freezing technique. All you’ll feel is a gentle warmth on the site of the sore while the lesion is being treated.  The site of the sore will be treated until you no longer feel soreness in the area.

Canker sores are shallow, painful ulcers that appear in the mouth. They are thought to be caused by stress.  However, canker sores may also be stimulated by sharp or rough objects in the mouth. Sometimes even the bristles of a toothbrush can cause canker sores. Ill-fitting dentures have been known to cause an outbreak of canker sores too. Canker or denture sores can be treated in the same way that cold sores are with dental laser. By sealing off the nerve endings with dental laser, canker sores can be treated without the use of anaesthesia. The pain diminishes immediately and the sores rarely return in the same area.

Dental Lasers Treat Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease

Some dental lasers are designed to work on soft tissues while others are designed to work on hard tissue. Dental lasers that are used on soft tissue can assist in healing oral diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease by destroying bacteria and initiating healing. Lasers can also remove excess oral tissue like tongue-tie or tight lip attachment, with small amounts of freezing with minimal to no bleeding. Dental laser treatments are amazing. This is high tech treatment that is often covered by insurances. So there is no need to suffer the physical or emotional pain of cold sores, canker sores or denture sores. Call your dentist and ask for dental laser treatments to put an end to your suffering.

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