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Six Things You Didn’t Know About Antibiotics and Probiotics

Six Things You Didn’t Know About Antibiotics and Probiotics

Antibiotics are a type of microbial developed to treat and prevent the growth of bacterial infection. Although they are required to fight bacterial infection, they tend to disrupt internal flora due to their nature. Probiotics are microorganisms that may be useful in redeveloping or increasing the body’s natural flora especially after a disruption.

1) Take the entire amount of prescribed antibiotics

Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria over a certain period of time. If you stop before the treatment is completed, there is always a chance that an infection can reoccur or flourish resulting in serious bodily harm.

2) Antibiotics have side effects

Antibiotics are extremely good at killing bacteria – almost too good. They can also kill good bacteria that exists in your body for positive effect and disrupt the natural flora ecosystem within your intestines.

3) Bacteria has a lot to do with your total health

Although it sounds like something that shouldn’t naturally exist within the body, types of bacteria are indicative of good overall health. Bacteria in your stomach has a large effect on how effective your Digestive system is at digesting and absorbing foods and how you’re Immune System deals with threats any nature.

4) Probiotics can help you after an antibiotic prescription

A regimen of probiotics will help breed positive bacteria to help increase you digestive ability and Immune system following antibiotics. Probiotics are a set of neutral or healthy bacteria that may reverse the effects of an antibiotic on your intestinal bacteria.

5) Have a probiotic regimen following antibiotics

Probiotics can be found over-the-counter and can be taken indefinitely but are especially helpful for 30 days following antibiotics to help restore your natural bacteria.

6) There are lots of natural fermented foods that include probiotics

Want the probiotics but don’t want to buy them in pill form? There are plenty foods that offer large amounts probiotics like dairy products such as yogurts and heavier food items like sauerkraut!

Almost everyone at some point will require the use of antibiotics in their life time. It make sense to be aware of their use, and how to help your body bounce back after completing prescriptions!

Dr. Carlo Biasucci

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