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Severe Disease linked to Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease symptoms include: bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth, and swollen gums.  These symptoms are usually painless until the disease has become very advanced.

Scientists are constantly discovering the effects that our habits and oral health have on our body in the short term and in the long term. Emerging research now shows a link between Periodontal Disease and several severe, life threatening diseases including:

How does this link occur?  As Gingivitis goes untreated, it evolves into Periodontal Disease as inflammation around the tooth occurs. Symptoms of Periodontal Disease can include bleeding gums, bad breath, red or swollen gums and loose teeth. Left untreated, the open sores will continue to allow harmful bacteria into the bloodstream that has a long lasting detrimental effect on the body. In addition, untreated Periodontal Disease results in loosing teeth as the bone structure that encases the teeth breaks down and teeth become loose and fall out.

Periodontal Disease doesn’t just represent a small increase in risk for severe disease either. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, men with Periodontal Disease are:

No time to wait! If you experience any of the symptoms of Periodontal Disease you must see your Dentist immediately! Periodontal Disease progressively destroys bone and connective tissue holding your teeth in place. The longer you wait the higher the chance that you will permanently lose bone around your teeth as well as the potential risks of serious conditions outlined above.

Tooth loss is no laughing matter either. A more recent study shows that life expectancy actually decreases with the number of teeth lost! Over time bone that would usually support a tooth breaks down and disappears – along with it the bite force of a full smile. This can lead to dietary problems that eventually make up for a decrease in life expectancy.

You can’t afford to miss out on the Dentist! Long term savings from proper hygiene and regular visits to the dentist far outweigh the costs associated with life threatening illness. Stop Periodontal Disease before it has a lasting effect on your total body health. If you have any of the following symptoms: bleeding gums, bad breath, red or swollen gums and loose teeth then you most likely have a form of Periodontal Disease and should seek immediate assistance from your Dentist. Your health, your comfort, and your wallet all depend on ensuring a total solution to your oral hygiene. Visit your dentist today to protect yourself from the harmful repercussions of Periodontal Disease.

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