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Regular Checkups – Why are they so important?

Has anyone ever really explained to you why regular dental checkups are so important? Primarily, it’s to make sure everything is going well with your oral health. Here are a few things the dental checkup can help you avoid:

  1. Periodontal Disease. Dental plaque naturally builds up on your teeth. Even with regular brushing and flossing, it will accumulate and harden as tartar. If you don’t remove it before it causes inflammation of the gum tissue, the inflammation can silently start to dissolve away the bone that holds your teeth in place resulting in loose teeth and eventually tooth loss.
  2. Tooth Decay. A little cavity is easy to fix, but a big cavity can become a big problem. In the most serious stage, cavities can lead to the loss of a tooth, with a lot of suffering and swelling along the way. A lost tooth could create a domino effect and lead to damage from excess forces on the other remaining teeth.
  3. Gum Disease. The bacteria that cause gum disease are linked to heart disease. The plaque on your teeth includes billions of bacteria, which can then get into your bloodstream (especially if your gums bleed at all)
    and ultimately end up causing systemic issues. Note that periodontal disease works in silence. You won’t usually see any obvious signs that damage is occurring, and you won’t be aware of complications for years — but you can save yourself a lot of pain and expense by just making sure you get into the dental office regularly.  We screen for periodontal disease and inflammation on everyone.

In addition to periodontal disease and tooth decay, dentists also check for oral cancer, bite problems, and other issues to make sure everything looks good. If you can nip these problems in the bud and walk out with a beautiful, clean smile every visit, it makes good sense to do it!

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