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How Your Dentist Can Heal Cold Sores, Canker Sores and Denture Sores With High Tech Dental Laser Treatments.

If you’ve ever suffered from cold or canker sores, you know how painful they are. You also know how they flare up as a result of trauma or stress, be it physical or psychological. That tingling feeling just under the skin is the first tell-tale sign that a sore is going to erupt.  Once the sore appears it takes up to two weeks to heal. During that time, the physical and social discomfort can be unbearable.

It generally doesn’t occur to anyone to think of the dentist as having a solution to this type of pain. Since a virus causes cold sores, most people look to their primary care doctor to prescribe anti-viral medications or numbing gels. However, your dentist may have the most effective way of eliminating the pain quickly and in most cases permanently with dental laser treatments.

There are many types of dental lasers. Some are used for soft tissue while others fare designed for use on hard tissue and some are used for both. Soft tissue dental lasers can assist in healing not only oral diseases like gingivitis, but also painful cold, canker and denture sores.

Using dental laser treatment for healing canker, cold and denture sores, no freezing is necessary. You will only feel warmth on the site being treated. Treatment continues until the area is no longer sore, which indicates healing has been initiated. By the next day the sore will be well on its way to being completely healed.

Suffering through the pain of canker sores and cold sores is no fun. At Northern Dental Care we’ve been healing our patient’s cold, canker and denture sores with Dental Laser with great success.

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