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But What About Today???

Here’s a funny story that I heard, which I cannot take credit for, and I don’t know the source to give proper credit, but I want to share this one. It’s something I would share with my daughter when she is old enough to get it.

So the story goes like this…

An elderly man is walking through the park on his morning walk, and runs into a long-time friend sitting on a park bench looking a little sad.

As he approaches his friend on the bench the man says, “My old friend, why do you look so sad?”

The friend replies, “It’s really quite puzzling…two days ago a friend passed away and left me $10,000.”

The man says to his friend, “Gee that’s not the worst outcome I guess.”

To which is friend replies, “Oh no it gets worse…the day before my aunt passed away and left me $40,000.”

At this point the man is puzzled, and the friend continues…

“AND yesterday a cousin I’d never even met died and left me $250,000!”

By now the man is just confused and says, “Wow that’s unfortunate that these people have passed, but surely not the worst outcome.”

His friend says “Oh no, it gets WORSE! Today I woke up and it’s nearly mid-day, and I got NOTHING!”


We can all be selfish and greedy. Our brains are wired to normalize new things so that they are just normal shortly after they were ‘new’. Instead of looking back at how much better we are off than we were 6 months ago, or a year ago, we just sit there like the man on the bench wondering why we haven’t had any gifts bestowed on us today.

This is the season to spend some time thinking about, and reminding your kids about everything we do have that many do not. Gratitude is seldom practiced but pays dividends.

My best wishes to you and your family, and I hope you have a wonderful 2018.

I look forward to seeing you all at your next visit.

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