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Did you know there are plenty of benefits to straight teeth other than “they look good”?

Check out the facts below to see how straight teeth are healthier for your teeth, gums, and overall wellbeing:

1. Healthier Gums – A good foundation (your gums) is needed to keep your teeth healthy (and to generally, keep your teeth, for many years). Did you know that red, swollen gums can be a result of crowded or gaped teeth? These symptoms of gum disease can be minimized by straightening the teeth, helping your gums to better fit around your teeth and reduce the risk of further developing gum disease (which we all know can potentially lead to tooth loss down the road).

2. Avoid Tooth Decay – Crooked teeth are more likely to have food build up that’s a little harder to get rid of – even with regular brushing and flossing. Trapped food leads to more plaque, which leads to tooth decay (cavities) and gum disease. Straight teeth are easier to clean with fewer hard-to-reach food particles.

3. Avoid Crooked Bite and Jaw Problems– Have you ever notice that your bite might be slightly off to one side or your teeth “just don’t fit together”? It may seem like a minor annoyance right now but years of stress on the bite and jaw could lead to TMJ problems, pain, grinding, and unnecessary tooth wear. Straight teeth help align the jaw and bite to keep enamel wear to a minimum.

4. Improved Self Confidence – Feeling good about yourself on the inside AND outside is a precious gift we give ourselves. Learn your options for straight teeth by visiting and give us a call at (705) 910‑1334 for your complimentary consultation!

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