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11 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

With fall approaching, it’s best to put your well-rested self forward! Check out these tips below for getting a good night’s shut-eye. Are there any missing from this list that work well for yourself?

1. Having a Consistent Daily Routine – this helps to train your body to know when it’s time for shut eye.

2. Reduce Caffeine Intake – Most recommend reducing and eliminating caffeine after 3pm

3. Turn Off Electronics – including but not limited to TV, computer, tablet and phone. It’s tempting to unwind with our screens at night but research shows it’s not always healthy for our sleep cycles.

4. Don’t Go to Bed on a Full Stomach – Best to avoid eating a large meal as your body will be busy digesting

5. Avoid Going to Bed Hungry – I think we’ve all been woken up by a growling tummy, am I right?

6. Engage in Regular Exercise – burn off extra calories and energy by incorporating a workout in your daily routine (just don’t work out too late at night)

7. Limit Beverage Consumption Before Bed – We can all agree a full bladder mid sleep is quite irritating (let alone if you actually have to get up in the middle of the night to go)

8. Keep Your Bedroom Dark and Quiet – We recommend dark or black out curtains.

9. Invest in a Comfortable Mattress, Pillow, and Bedding – You spend a third of your life in bed, why don’t splurge on the best you can afford?

10. Go to Sleep and Wake Up Using Your Internal Alarm Clock – Have you ever wondered why you wake up 5 minutes before your actual alarm goes off? You can thank your Circadian Rhythm for that!

11. Brush and Floss – Before you go to bed and when you wake up is always best!

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